Tools Wanted

Do you have tools hanging around that you haven’t used in years? Give them a second life by donating them to the tool library. Tool donations are tax-deductible and a great gift to your community. Your neighbors may be wishing for a tool that has been collecting dust in your shed.

We will accept any tools that are not broken. If we have too many of the type of tool you are donating, we will often give it to one of the other two tool libraries in town – most often to the Southeast Portland Tool Library, since they opened in 2010 and are still building up their inventory. We also cannot keep certain items: gas powered tools are too hazardous, and tools like pressure washers and chain saws require too much maintenance. These tools may be sold to help us purchase other tools on our member wish list, or may be passed on to another tool library. But no matter what your tool’s fate, it will be used by someone and will help the tool library remain a useful resource to this community.

To donate, stop by the tool library with your tool during our open hours.

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