How to Build a Garden Bench

This article is the first in a new series. Each month we will provide plans to make something new.

This simple garden bench is suitable for use indoors or outdoors, regardless of whether the wood surface is finished or unfinished. We recommend cedar because it’s a native Pacific Northwest wood, readily available, and it holds up very well in the weather even if it is unfinished. This project should cost $30 to $40.

Once you’ve gathered all your tools and materials, please refer to the cut list and diagrams to build your stylish new bench!


Diagram of completed bench

The completed bench will be 48" wide


Miter Saw (be sure to wear goggles and ear protection while using it)
Ear plugs or muffs
Drill (Drill pilot holes before driving in your screws, otherwise your wood will split and crack. Take the time to do it right!)
1/8” drill bit
Driver bit (match your screws)
Tape measure
A sharp pencil


Item Quantity
8 ft. Cedar 1×4 4
8 ft. Cedar 2×6 1
2” Wood Screws 1 Box

Cut List:

A – 1 x 4 8 ½” (4x)
B – 1 x 4 36 ½” (2x)
C – 1 x 4 40”
D – 1 x 4 17 ¼” (4x) Legs have a 7º miter at both ends.
E – 2 x 6 8” (2x)


Click each image to view a larger version.

Step 1 Diagram

Step 1

Step 2 Diagram

Step 2

Step 3 Diagram

Step 3

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